Luxury wedding videos for couples who party hard and love harder.

The story behind the lens


weaving a tapestry of moments 

A New Yorker living life on purpose with the volume-cranked up loud.

Life is short. Your wedding is just a spark in the grand cosmos. But it’s a spark that lights up the night sky. It’s where you marry your co-pilot, your number-one teammate and the absolute love of your life. It’s where all the people who care about you come together and celebrate the shit out of you both.

My videos are a tapestry of everything that matters; I bottle up moments you never want to forget with the people you never want to live without. I capture the belly laughs, the good vibes, the happy tears, the ‘hell yes,’ and the ‘let’s drink to that!’. I document every little opulent detail so you can experience your wedding day all over again. 

capturing the spark



“GOOSEBUMPS. Matt’s videos are amazing, we are speechless. He is so insanely talented. We’ve already watched our videos 3 times. I’m so happy how he chose to capture our wedding, you have no idea.”

Jodie Sweetin

Words of praise


“It’s no exaggeration when I say that hiring Matt for our December wedding was hands down the best decision we made - aside from getting married to each other, of course!) He was so organized, creative and produced the most incredible trailer, journey film and raw footage. His pricing was reasonable, and the work he produced was INCREDIBLE. He made us both (and our family and friends) feel so comfortable and relaxed during the whole day. It rained on our wedding day, and I didn’t want to get my dress wet for pictures, so Matt offered to carry me while my husband held the umbrella over us! Matt is truly invested in couples and capturing your best day. Book with Matt, you won’t be sorry!”


Words of praise


“There aren’t enough kind words to describe The Midnight Project. Matt is so personable and really take the time to get to know you. After watching our video, we discovered just how much him getting to know us paid off! His work is so beautiful, and he really pays so much attention to details that make the final video shockingly beautiful. Matt is so polite, respectful and friendly. He makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever. It’s so obvious when someone loves what they do and there’s no question that Matt is passionate. His work is meticulous and I highly recommend booking him. Thank you, Matt, for being part of our special day and giving us a video album we will always cherish.”


Words of praise

One exquisite experience

A sprinkle of things you can expect when we work together. 

I love an entrance... When I was a kid, I got so fired up watching NFL teams, rockstars and wrestlers make their entrances. A movie’s climax literally has me on the edge of my seat (I’m looking at you, Avengers Endgame assemble scene!) I love the hype, the drama, and the sweaty-palm anticipation right before the main event. Fast forward a few years, and I’m still as passionate about entrances. My videos are high-energy and impactful; I seek to capture that fizzing sensation that tingles through your whole body on your wedding day. I layer those pumped-up moments with the quieter ones, too, to tell one multi-layered story. 

I pick you up (literally)... I’ve been known to carry a few brides through the rain, so they don’t wet their wedding dresses. Think of me as the friend who has your back. There is so much to think about on your wedding day, and I’m exactly the calm, grounded presence you’ll need. I aim to create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for you, your friends and your family. Before I shoot your wedding, I take the time to really get to know you both (expect a few ice-breaking games over zoom, by the way) so that when the day comes, it feels like we’re old friends. 

I add spice... You’ll notice that my videos are stylistically different from the other wedding videos you’re used to seeing. I’m not interested in the done-befores or the uniform. Part of my inspiration stems from my passion for music. When I hear a song, my mind thinks in vivid pictures, and I start creating a story in line with the lyrics. On your wedding day, I tune in, I listen - so that I can tell your story in a way that feels radically, authentically you.